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I have started experimenting with infrared on the iphone 13 pro max. I used a Spencer 52mm 720 nm infrared filter that attaches directly to my apple silicone mag safe case. Edited in the native editor and snapseed. I learned about this technique through Rad Drew's youtube videos on infrared iphoneography. I do have a sony mirrorless camera that I converted to infrared that I have used, but really don't want to drag another full size camera around with me. So far, the results are pretty good with the iphone.

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Belinda Hudnall Keller   Belinda Hudnall Keller
What a great experiment and results! It's a very impressive image. I understand not wanting to carry around equipment especially when this was seemingly easy and worked perfectly for you. Forgive the nitpick, but I would remove the wispy cloud at the top. Somehow it seems better to me without it, but you're the artist! Really cool as infrared.   Posted: 05/07/2022 12:03:25

Bob Shor   Bob Shor
You're right about the crop. Does look better without the cloud at the top.
Bob   Posted: 05/07/2022 12:23:16

Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
For a filter, this does a pretty good job, Bob. I especially like the water, the rich blacks, white lily pads, even some nice reflections. I also have a Sony mirrorless converted to infrared - great fun! I use my IR mid day, and the regular camera for early and late light. For those of you interested, there are two infrared groups on the Digital Dialog - 35 and 66, the latter of which I'm a member.   Posted: 05/07/2022 17:21:58

Pat Centeno   Pat Centeno
I also have an infrared-converted camera and this cell phone one looks about as good as anything that's come out of it. You may get some of the rest of us to look into the equipment you mentioned. It would be nice to have a color version taken at the same time for comparison side by side. It's a really nice and peaceful scene with almost snow-looking lawns and trees. The hint of a tree reflection adds some dimension. Thanks for the info. I like this a lot.   Posted: 05/08/2022 21:21:14
Bob Shor   Bob Shor
Hi Pat, I don't have a color version of the image, but I think its a good idea, so you can see a side by side comparison.
Bob   Posted: 05/10/2022 13:45:07

Ruth Holt   Ruth Holt
The reflections in the water add to this lovely scene. I haven't done any infrared; I would like to see the colored one along with the infrared.   Posted: 05/12/2022 10:22:42

Kieu-Hanh Vu   Kieu-Hanh Vu
Hi Bob,
Your infrared image is very interesting! I was amazed that it was captured by your iphone and a filter. The angle you shot works well with different layers of trees, the gazebo (?), and the water reflection.
I agree with Belinda that the scene would be more stunning without clouds or lighter clouds so that the trees can stand out more in the background.   Posted: 05/12/2022 23:12:31

Gene Eckhardt   Gene Eckhardt
I like the composition very much. I am not familiar with infra-red. Like the dark water/reflections leading line. The whites are well controlled - no blow out. However, I find there is not enough contrast in the main subject area whites (trees and clouds) to easily separate objects. Everything tends to blend together. Perhaps that is part of the genre? Also, my glasses are very strong. From the little I have heard about infra-red, the quality of this image with a phone camera is shocking.   Posted: 05/16/2022 18:56:58


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