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The Golden Hour by Jack Florence Jr

July 2021 - The Golden Hour

July 2021 - Jack Florence Jr


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Continuing my travel images, this month to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I found the setting sun, further diffused by clouds, to make just the perfect soft light for this scene. Do you think the piece of road on the left should be cloned out? For editing, I darkened the sky just a bit, and removed a rootop on the lower left corner.

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Belinda Hudnall Keller   Belinda Hudnall Keller
What a beautiful evening scene! less is more idea might apply here. I would crop the left up to near the phone/electric pole, unless there is something in that area that is special to you. I like the soft lighting, and the red rooftops and blues scattered in the distance, but I might punch up those colors just a bit more. Nice memories!   Posted: 07/11/2021 14:40:29

Ruth Holt   Ruth Holt
Belinda's suggestion has merit, but I like the road in there as it shows the place is not totally all houses (It needs some space). Also the parked vehicles add to the scene.   Posted: 07/14/2021 08:39:23

Kieu-Hanh Vu   Kieu-Hanh Vu
The composition with the building in diagonal line at ocean front and at golden hour works very well. All the white buildings with orange roofs look so neat. It makes me want to travel there.
I agree with Belinda's suggestion about the tighter crop to eliminate the 2 poles with the long, white sign boards.   Posted: 07/18/2021 08:48:01

Pat Centeno   Pat Centeno
I agree with your cropping out the lower left building which added nothing. Also, I liked Ruth's comment about letting the road and subtle parked cars remain to alleviate the crowded feeling of stacked-up buildings with no means of access. But, by all means, just clone out those distracting white signs and poles down there. Otherwise, I like the angled scene and the soft evening shades very much.   Posted: 07/21/2021 19:49:24

Gene Eckhardt   Gene Eckhardt
Very Nice. The low setting sun creates warm, rich tones and contrast in color and texture; a soft glow in the sea, misty air, clouds, and hills on the left; highlights the top of the buildings, reflects onto the shadow-side of other buildings, and creates deep shadows A jumble of architectural shapes, sizes, and patterns. Strong leading line. I think it would be a stronger image flipped horizontally. RE Road: Do not really notice it as the buildings lead my eye past it. Ideally, better not there. However, I would not crop because it would eliminate a good junk of the village in the distance and direct link to the hills in the BG.   Posted: 07/21/2021 20:29:47
Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
Thanks Gene. I think phone images should be evaluated on the same basis the big camera images are (not necessarily images to be edited in conjunction with an ap), and that's what you'be done here. I appreciate the insight.   Posted: 07/21/2021 20:35:24


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