Pete Scifres, GPSA  

Rainbow Basin Morning by Pete Scifres, GPSA

January 2022 - Rainbow Basin Morning

January 2022 - Pete Scifres, GPSA


About the Image(s)

The unprocessed file was shot on a DJI Air 2S, 22mm, F2.8, ISO400, 1/640. It is the "middle" image of a five shot HDR burst. All five images were combined to produce the processed image.

This was shot over Rainbow Basin, a colorful badlands area a few miles north of Barstow, CA. Aimed west, just after sunrise on a clear morning. I've flown the drone here twice and really like it because it's beautiful; not very well known to photographers; and hard to shoot (the terrain quickly becomes impassable on foot) except from the air.

I've been a drone user for about six months and having fun identifying nice landscape places in SoCal area where drones are legal. This is somewhat of a challenge.

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Don Stouder   Don Stouder
This is the kind of shot that I aspire to but never quite get to. Certainly, the original captures a great view, but the post processing you did is what makes the image forme. Can you share a bit more of the steps and software you used?   Posted: 01/06/2022 11:07:16

Pete Scifres   Pete Scifres
Thanks! After merging the 5 images in LR, I changed the profile to Adobe Landscape. Then set levels and added a little contrast in curves. Also selectively brightened and darkened parts of the image.

Then I move into Phototshop, using mostly pug-ins. Topaz DeNoise, Nik Vivesa Structure and Nik Color Effects Pro, the Brilliance/Warmth filter

I am a big fan of Vivesa Structure, just gives images a "pop" that I can't seem to get in LR texture/clarity   Posted: 01/06/2022 11:14:35

Lou McLove   Lou McLove
Hi Pete. I agree with Don, your original image is very nice but what you have done in PP is really something. Thanks for sharing the process.   Posted: 01/10/2022 16:45:51


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