Lou McLove  

Toledo Skyline by Lou McLove

September 2021 - Toledo Skyline

September 2021 - Lou McLove


About the Image(s)

DJI Mavic Pro, ISO 100, f 2.2, 1/250 sec

In Lightroom I straightened the horizon and adjusted the vertical perspective on the buildings. I used the dehaze slider to removed the haze and brighten the images. I imported the image into Photoshop I replaced the sky, I thought the original sky was uninspiring. I then brought that image into Lightroom and upped the vibrance and adjusted the blue saturation. The final may be a little too colorful but I like it.

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Don Stouder   Don Stouder
I like it too, Lou. It looks like a painting where the artist tried to make it look like a photo. I think there must be some kind of name for that technique, but I don't know it.

The water is very still so the reflections stand out. I wonder how hard it would to replace the existing water with a sky and its clouds? I think it would add to the realism.   Posted: 09/11/2021 10:57:19
Lou McLove   Lou McLove
Thanks for the comments. Sky and clouds on the water is a good suggestion, I may give it a try.   Posted: 09/11/2021 12:01:47


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