Helen Jiang  

Fiji by Helen Jiang
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May 2022 - Fiji

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In March this year, our group went to Fiji for a holiday. Fiji is a beautiful South Pacific island country. It consists of 332 islands, mostly volcanic islands surrounded by coral reefs. Fijians are very simple and friendly, and they always greet each other warmly when they meet: "Bula".
Fiji has a very dynamic attraction: Cloud 9, which is a floating bar on the sea where people can dive and drink cocktails, giving us a lot of joy.
I shot with an iPhone 12 and a Dji air s2 drone. Edit videos with Adobe Premiere 2020. The first part of the video is a Fiji landscape shot with a drone, that was my first time using a drone. The second part is the activity of Cloud 9. All shot without tripod.


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