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The Vietnam War by Dick Burr
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May 2022 - The Vietnam War

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From November of 1968 to November 1969, I served in The United States Army in Vietnam. I was with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. I fought in several large battles and saw many of my friends get killed, I was one of the lucky ones who survived the war. These are images that I took or that were taken of me during the Vietnam War. This does not depict the horrors that we are seeing on the nightly news from Ukraine, although the Vietnam war was a horrific war with about 4 million people killed.

At the time I had a Kodak Instamatic and a Polaroid.

I use Movie Studio Platinum for post editing.

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Nick Ruxandu   Nick Ruxandu
Hello Dick,
I found interesting the animation of the plane over the ocean at the beginning of the video - maybe you can share how you did it. I also believe the sound track is a good choice (the theme and the tempo are appropriate).
But all of these are nothing compared to the story you telling here, this is a valuable document you created.
I'm speechless by this very impressive true story!

  Posted: 05/21/2022 21:15:21


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