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The Ice Hotel by Bunny Laden
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January 2022 - The Ice Hotel

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JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden is the home of The Ice Hotel and the land of the Sami people. I visited for a week in 2013, staying on ice for a few nights and in a warm hotel for a few more.

I've done a few edits of this version since then. One was to color grade some of the outdoor scenes and to change the title style, logo, and ending credits (2019). For the most recent version (2022) I used Topaz AI Video Enhance tools to try to minimize the noise due to some of the low light scenes (not as successful as I hoped). Most of the stills and video were captured on consumer-grade equipment without a tripod, so there is noticeable movement. Nonetheless, I think you'll see how incredible this land is and so are the people. And, it will give you an idea of what I enjoy doing.

I created the first version using Final Cut Pro. The more recent edits were done in Adobe Premiere.

Canon Vixia HD video
GoPro video
Canon Powershot (stills)
Canon EOS 7D (stills)


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