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The trip in south coast 2021 by Helen Jiang
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January 2022 - The trip in south coast 2021

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At the end December 2021, my friends and I went to south coast Australia, about 300 kilometers away from Sydney. There is a long coastline with a beautiful village on the seashore. Some of unique rocks on the beach, have become a local landmarks. We saw seals, people were surfing, and we all enjoyed the sun and sea. On New Year's Eve we return to Sydney and ended our perfect trip with Sydney's new year fireworks.

I used canon R5 to take photos, lens are: 17-40, 70-200. I used Apple iPhone 12 to take videos. When took the sunrise and firework photos I use tripod, the others just hand hold. I edit the photos by Photoshop, and use abode premiere to the processed the video.

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Bunny Laden   Bunny Laden
Hi Helen

Wonderful video! Your editing worked well with the pace of the music. I love the energy you communicated by moving from one scene to the next. The colors are fabulous. The surfing shots are extraordinary. They could stand on their own as stills. (Do you surf?) Ending with the fireworks gave the video a nice story arc. I am ready to pack my bags and go to the South Coast!

For my taste, the video ended quite abruptly (1:59). I wasn't sure if that is what you intended. I suggest that you consider adding a 5 or 10 second fade from Happy New Year to black, fading the music at the same time. Then adding 3 seconds of black with no audio. That would give the viewer a chance to recover and reflect on your video.

Thanks for sharing!   Posted: 01/14/2022 16:13:36
Helen Jiang   Helen Jiang
Hi Bunny Laden:
Thanks for your comment and suggestion. your suggestion give me help, I should learn skill of fade.
I don't surf, but I really enjoy to take photo for surfing.
you are very welcome to visit South Coast Australia, let me know before you come, I am going to take you there.
Helen Jiang   Posted: 01/14/2022 17:27:52


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