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My Trip to Texas by Peter Shi
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January 2022 - My Trip to Texas

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Last Oct. & Nov. I had a trip to Texas. I visited Dallas, Austin and Houston for a week. This is my first time there. I did not drive myself and took the city transportation, so I only had chances to take the urban footages. All video clips were taken with my cell phone, and some still images inside museum with my Sony a7s iii. The tighten schedule did not allow me using the tripod and gimbal. Post editing with Pr cc, Ae cc and Ps.

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Bunny Laden   Bunny Laden
Hi Peter,

What a trip! You saw a lot in just a few days. I am impressed. The footage was wonderful. The pace and quality of the images are great. I liked the way you varied the music. The titles were helpful. I especially like the font face and style that you chose.

I am a pretty fast reader, but I found that some of the titles left the screen before I finished reading them. I've always been told to leave titles onscreen to give enough time to read them aloud two times. Some people say three times. That would pose a problem for your video because the image pace is fast. You could put the titles on a blank background, but I really like the way you float them over images. You might consider stopping the motion of the image behind the title long enough for someone to read them. For example for the Ann W. Richards bridge, you could scroll the title over the shot of the people on the bridge, then remove the title, and resume the action with the bats flying. I felt I was missing some action by reading, so that sort of approach of stopping action while still scrolling the title might help the viewer. What do you think?

A few things (of the many) that I especially enjoyed:

0:43 The editing sequence of the images taken from the Sixth Floor Museum
1:25 Lady Bird Lake-I love the reflections and the color. Well done!
1:56 The speeded up sequence of visitors to the LBJ space center
2:30 The variety of art you showed from MFAH. I've been there and I think you give a good synopsis of the variety in that museum. Now I want to return!

Thanks for sharing your trip.   Posted: 01/14/2022 16:44:35


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