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Lake Wateree Part 2 by Dick Burr
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January 2022 - Lake Wateree Part 2

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This is my second aerial video of Lake Wateree, In South Carolina USA. In Sept. 2021 I took a trip to this beautiful, pictures' lake in South Carolina. I spent a week there with the guys that I served with in the Army.

This Video was taken with my DJI Phantom # PRO and edited with Movie Studio Platinum.

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Bunny Laden   Bunny Laden
Hi Dick,

I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video. The quality is excellent. Overall, the drone appears to be very steady. You chose some dramatic music, which immediately set my expectations for a story to follow. Right away, I noticed how empty of people the lake was. To me, the music implied something nefarious was going on to make everyone be in hiding. Although I saw a boat at 3:49, it wasn't until 4:47 that there was action on the lake. Then I thought "Is the boat going for help? Help to get out all those trapped people who must be hiding in their cabins?"

As you can see, I have an active imagination. But the music you chose is very cinematic. It has many different cues in, cues that in a movie signal a change in either the character or the action. I think you have a great opportunity to leverage that music by perhaps adding some B-roll or cuts. For example, you might consider cutting in some close up footage of empty boats to build drama. Or you could get your buddies to look alarmed and splice their faces into some of the overhead shots. Just ideas for a way to have fun with the stellar footage.

For my taste, I prefer not to see such things as the rotors or the side of the drone. If you add a few cuts or some B-roll, you can easily remove these elements. Finally, my taste is to have the horizon straight. Otherwise I start to worry about the water pouring off the edge of the Earth! Most video editing programs will allow straightening the horizon. With the resolution that your camera has, I think the video would still look pristine. I am curious, does the drone has a level in it? If so, does that require much adjustment?

I've never used a drone, but I appreciate the wonderful perspective they give. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Thanks so much for sharing your video!   Posted: 01/14/2022 15:59:39


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