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Fluid Simulation — VFX Creation With Blender 2.93 by Peter Shi
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September 2021 - Fluid Simulation — VFX Creation With Blender 2.93

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For years whenever I am passing by the TV displays at the department store, I like to stop and enjoy the fluid motion scene, such as waterfall, honey dripping … At that time I thought all those were taken by the professional TV cameras until I found the free software, Blender, which is the 3D simulation and animation tool. The VFX can fulfill these simulation tasks. Since then I was kind of falling in love with it. I had been taking lots of online tutorials and practice. This month’s presentation is one of my favorites. I did not use any cameras and all the scene were created by Blender. Post editing with Pr cc and Ae cc.

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Harry Zhang   Harry Zhang

Too creative, unique, novel, make people look very new, film!

Harry   Posted: 09/07/2021 00:12:36


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