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Cedarburg Wisconsin,   USA by Dick Burr
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June 2021 - Cedarburg Wisconsin, USA

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Cedarburg is a small city in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, United States. Located about 20 miles north of Milwaukee Wisconsin. It is a suburban community in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. The city was incorporated in 1885, and at the time of the 2010 census the population was 11,412.
Situated on the beautiful Cedar Creek, Cedarburg WI. is the perfect blend of old and new. Consistently ranked as a favorite small-town getaway, visitors are charmed by the delightful mix of unique shops, gracious inns, cozy cafes, art galleries and museums, many nestled inside meticulously maintained historic buildings, and all within walking distance of one another.
This is one of my favorite places to go and explore all the shops and cafes.
This video was taken at two different times of the year, in the summer when the leaves are green on the trees and later in the Autumn when the leaves are gone but the beauty of Cedarburg is still there.

I took this video using my phone without my gimbal in the earlier shots, then later I used the gimbal for the Autumn shots of the video.

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Peter Shi   Peter Shi
1 Attractive opening with still images and various transition effects
2 Nice water reflections (0:47-1:11")
3 Nice tilt movement (2:10-2:18")
4 Panning through trees (3:18-3:24") for 3D look
5 Nice dolly-in movement (3:35-3:41" & 3:43-3:57)   Posted: 06/04/2021 14:40:57


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