Dirk-Olaf Leimann  

Furnace by Dirk-Olaf Leimann

July 2021 - Furnace

About the Image(s)

The image is a view of a Blast Furnace.

I had a day in an old industrial terrain, called Lands chafts park Duisburg, a former area of Thyssen Krupp for smelting iron.

It has something of a lost place. I took all images in black and white to practice how to look on the objects during the day. The image was afterwards converted from a raw file to black and white.

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Lance Lewin   Lance Lewin
Very cool (and I mean both within the subject & color) commercial/documentary style work. For me, I wish this scene presented more detail within the intricacies of the steel.

Also, not sure the bright sky is complimenting the shadows in this particular composition. Surely the camera is under-exposing the shadows and perhaps a different exposure setting would have yielded something less abstract?

Alternatively, a good amount of Dodging will help bring shadows back, if in fact you want to alter the current scene.

In itself, your rendering is a viable option and lend itself to the dramatic (even abstract), but (I) would love to see it reveal more.

Well Visualized!
  Posted: 07/12/2021 06:50:03

Dianne Arrigoni   Dianne Arrigoni
Nice structure but I wish there were some highlights on it to see some detail. The bright sky allows for a great silhouette of the building. It's an interesting building and I would love to see more detail. I like the pipes on the lower left leading into it. Nicely composed.   Posted: 07/12/2021 22:28:19