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Sunflowers by Keith Francis

September 2023 - Sunflowers

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What better way to bring a smile to a face than with a bunch of Sunflowers. Enjoy! Came across this field with my wife on a day outing and had to stop. I took a dozen shots and this was the one I liked best.

Shot with my R5, f/14, ISO = 800 and shutter speed was 1/800. It was a dull cloudy and windy day so I had to go with a fast shutter thus the higher ISO. I cropped in a lot to get this image. The sly was meh, so I replaced with one of my own images. Basic processing in ACR, then added structure in Viveza, a bit of sharpening in Topaz Sharpen ai, then Topaz Denoise and finally a bit of spot healing.

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Prasad Indulkar   Prasad Indulkar
Keith this is fantastic work, great use of depth of field to get the flowers in sharp focus.   Posted: 09/01/2023 23:05:19

Laurie McShane
Keith, the colors are wonderful, as is the composition. This is one of the few times for me that an alternative sky suits the image so perfectly. Nice   Posted: 09/06/2023 12:50:01

Kathleen Colligan
Love this ! This would brighten up any wall. Yes, the sky was perfect for this .   Posted: 09/12/2023 07:43:52

Jerry Taylor   Jerry Taylor
Nice. Really nice. An even number and grouped.   Posted: 09/12/2023 09:39:48

Andrew Klein   Andrew Klein
Sunflowers make me smile. I grew some giant ones in my yard a year ago. Some were eight feet tall...above the garage roof! Live the image.

I do see two possible images here...each a set of three sunflowers. The three to the left, in closer and filling the frame and the three to the right, same approach. See if that works for you.   Posted: 09/12/2023 10:00:44


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