Andrew Klein  

Com'in Round the Bend by Andrew Klein

May 2022 - Com'in Round the Bend

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A friend to mine for many years is a railroad buff. I'd like to say something exciting, like we hung out in West Virginia where such scenes can be found. But, I photographed his HO Scale railroad layout as the train emerged from the tunnel. Unlike "real life", I was able to retake the shot until I got this. The color photo was converted to black and white because that seemed to match the "era" of steam and rail.

Canon R5 with a 24-105 f4 lens. Cropped, dodged and burned just a tad, sharpened.

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Laurie McShane
What a cool idea! The composition is great, and the black and white perfectly depicts the times. The brush above the rock seems a bit blurred for some reason, but that may be just the way the model was. The building is very realistic and adds a lot to the image.   Posted: 05/07/2022 06:57:46

Keith Francis   Keith Francis
What a fantastic conversion, and what a great shot to start with. I had to consciously look to see that this was not a real train scene. Love the starburst on the engine headlight. As Laurie mentioned, there are a couple of blurry areas, but overall, a great image.   Posted: 05/08/2022 09:54:18


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