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Caves by Keith Francis

October 2021 - Caves

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This is part of the Maquaketa Caves in Iowa, a beautiful place in the fall. I visited this site 2 years ago and have fond memories of it. I loved the rock opening (caused by water erosion?) and the scene on the other side.

Canon EOS 6D Mk II, f/4, ISO = 1,000, 1/200, focal length = 35mm

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Kathleen Colligan
What an interesting photo! It is like a photo within a photo peaking through the tunnel. Lovely colors and interesting rock formations   Posted: 10/05/2021 10:36:27
Keith Francis   Keith Francis
Thank you Kathleen.   Posted: 10/08/2021 13:29:11

Gregory Stais   Gregory Stais
This is a really nice fall photo. The colors are really beautiful, and I really do like the composition.

I tend to agree with Kathleen that it is like "a photo within a photo" in that the the rock tunnel frames the view perfectly.   Posted: 10/07/2021 13:56:01
Keith Francis   Keith Francis
Thanks Gregory!   Posted: 10/08/2021 13:29:29

Laurie McShane
What an interesting shot. Your eye certainly is pulled right through the tunnel to the fall colors ahead. I am wondering if it might be interesting to add a little path of clarity in the forefront to highlight the trail through the tunnel, as well as a little more clarity and brightness beyond?   Posted: 10/07/2021 17:32:41
Keith Francis   Keith Francis
Interesting ideas Laurie, thank you. I am going to try your suggestions.   Posted: 10/08/2021 13:30:11


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