Andrew Klein  

Reeds by Andrew Klein

June 2021 - Reeds

About the Image(s)

We have had lots of rain and lots of hot, so muggy is the best way to describe the weather in Maryland, USA. In such weather the flora and fauna flourish. A nature area near my home had this image, which I converted to B&W to enhance the contrast between the lines of the reeds and the wetlands background. The result is a graphic that I like.

Shot with a 50mm lens at f11, other than conversion and a touch of sharpening, no other edits were made.

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Keith Francis   Keith Francis
Very interesting image. I like the B&W mode for the contrast. I really like the play of the stalks and their reflections. Just one comment - there seems to be dark areas bottom left and more so bottom right.   Posted: 06/10/2021 20:26:35


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