Angela Bonner, PPSA  

Three Allium seedheads by Angela Bonner, PPSA

August 2022 - Three Allium seedheads

August 2022 - Angela Bonner, PPSA


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Taken with my Canon R6, 24-70mm lens at 50mm, 05sec, ISO 100
These are three Allium seed heads from my garden in a bottle. I inverted the colour version and then converted it to black and white after watching a webinar by Cherry Larcombe and seeing her results doing this.(If you are into flower photography check her out, brilliant!) I upped the contrast a little in PS and then put a thin keyline round it. The colour version is attached and now I am not too sure which one I prefer so await you comments!!

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Randall Gusdorf   Randall Gusdorf
Angela, another creative shot, and I love your vision. Now on this pic, I overwhelmingly like the color version better. Hands down. The colors are beautiful, as well as the translucence of the vase. The bnw is blown out in the bottom left, and the rest gets muddled for me, and it looks flat. That said, I love the color version. The colors blend beautifully, and it has depth and definition. I suggest you take another shot at this bnw technique on another shot. Again, lovely color shot.   Posted: 08/02/2022 08:17:34
Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
Thanks and I totally agree with your comments. I had decided on the mono but nearly changed my mind when I got the original colour version to upload. Should have gone with the coloured version!!!   Posted: 08/02/2022 10:02:06
Randall Gusdorf   Randall Gusdorf
This is the forum to ask, to take risk, to get feedback to the things we wonder about so we can refine our choosing. You did exactly what you were meant to do, and now you get refinement.   Posted: 08/02/2022 10:05:21

Donna Paul   Donna Paul
I love the color! I love how it stands out from the black background. I like the textures in this image. Thank you for telling us about the webinar. I will check it out.   Posted: 08/02/2022 13:08:39

Cheryl Dubois   Cheryl Dubois
I love the simplicity of this image. I'm a fan of black and white and think you have done a wonderful job post processing this image. I like the white background and the simple stripe you have created to keep the viewer's eye in. Very nicely done.   Posted: 08/02/2022 15:29:58

Hema Narayanan   Hema Narayanan
It seems like a sketch, a pencil one. Delicate and well represented. Very nice.   Posted: 08/03/2022 06:17:53

Randall Gusdorf   Randall Gusdorf
Angela, you know what I like best of the color shot. It looks like fireworks.   Posted: 08/03/2022 23:11:26
Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
It seems all prefer the colour version!! So do I now!!
Agree about the fireworks. Did consider colouring each seed head differently but thought I would lose the will to live half way through!!!   Posted: 08/06/2022 11:50:52

Janet McLaughlin   Janet McLaughlin
I have to agreeā€¦I like the color version the best because it does resemble fireworks! I also like the glass in the color version!   Posted: 08/06/2022 11:47:43


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