Hema Narayanan  

I am Vettakkorumakkan by Hema Narayanan

September 2021 - I am Vettakkorumakkan

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Theyyam is a significant ritualistic religious festival in Kerala (India), where men don the guise of Gods and perform for seeking his blessings and get prosperous. These festivals happen at the end of January each year and start late evening and go on till the next morning at sunrise. Never had I ever stayed up 2 full nights to witness a festival. I have seen many festivals, but I can clearly say that this is the 'Lord of the Festivals'. This performer painted in vermillion, orange and yellow with a grand headgear was a fierce artist, narrating a story in his dance.

EXIF: F/5.6, 800 ISO, Av Mode (crop sensor canon 70D, 15-85mm lens)

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Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
If the vibrant colours this chap has on his head dress the festival must have been mind blowing!! The headgear looks very heavy and he has a very intense stare.
I think it might have been better to have all the headgear in the image as it seems a bit cut off. Because of all the colours and sharpness of the image he really stands out from the background.
Well done.   Posted: 09/10/2021 11:53:49


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