Noël Bonné

Noël Bonné

Born in Hasselt Belgium 65 years ago, meanwhile married with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Retired system architect from Philips Gloeilampen Factory Eindhoven since 2014.

I started photography age 14, that time at secondary school, developing & printing black & white with my first camera a Lubitel II, a 6x6 middle format camera. My first small film reflex camera was a Zenit-E, later followed by a Canon when I could afford one. My first digital camera (Canon) was bought in the summer of 2001. Nowadays I switch between my Canon and Fujifilm camera.

To learn more about photography I followed several years evening school for adults. Really good for learning lots of photographing techniques, but not really teaching to make pictures that tells a story, for that reason now attending Art Academy “ hoping that teaches me more about content versus technique.

The last years my focus was mostly on photographing the local birds, hope from there to broaden my ability, hoping that also this discussion group helps in that direction.