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DOWN BUT NOT OUT by Mo Connelly

November 2021 - DOWN BUT NOT OUT

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I like this image a lot - not that it couldn’t be better but like so much that is street photography you often don’t have time to arrange everything nicely. There were a lot of people around, but I waited till I could get a clear view of Andy himself. As the notice says he is homeless and I have to admire someone who is okay with making himself look silly, not to mention the rush of blood to the head, in order to make an honest income. Homeless and jobless is a horrible fact of life for so many in the UK, mostly not of their own choice and once you’re on the street it is so hard to get up and going again.

Sony A7Rii, E24mm lens, f1.8, AP, spot metering. In view of all the new toys in Lightroom Classic I played with this more than most of my images - great fun!

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Victor Dallons   Victor Dallons
In street photography we are often looking at the relation between things, in this image I am looking at the relationship between the sign and Andy with his head in a bucket, and the couple behind with the stroller looking at Andy, as well as his choice of being on a pedestrian street. I like the contrast between the positivity expressed in his sign and the disapproving glance of the woman with the baby carriage. This must be a hard way to earn a living.

I see an arrangement of the elements in the image sort of as an inverted triangle, which gives to me a feeling of instability. I think this adds to the theme of the image, optimistic but unstable.

For me the lighting in the image looks a little under exposed, it could be brightened up a bit. The bright orange dress of the lady in the upper left is a bit of an eye pull distraction. I would consider cropping her out. I would also consider cropping up a little from the bottom as that area is not adding much to the image.   Posted: 11/11/2021 15:24:49
Mo Connelly   Mo Connelly
Thanks Victor. Very helpful as always. What is dreadful is that I didn't even notice the colour of the woman's dress! I will try your suggestions.
  Posted: 11/23/2021 12:10:22