Terry Walters, PPSA  

Checking Out The Bookcase by Terry Walters, PPSA

September 2021 - Checking Out The Bookcase

September 2021 - Terry Walters, PPSA


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Canon R6, 24-200mm @ 24mm, iso 3200, F5.6, 1/25 sec

A flying visit to the Tate Modern Exhibition Centre in London, I saw this boy looking at the exhibit and grabbed a shot between the crowds. Extensive Photoshop to correct perspective, remove the girl approaching and her shadow, repair the bookcase shelf where the girl had been, remove the pole, string and its shadow and generally sort out the floor. Applied Topaz Denoise and then Topaz Adjust. Too many hours spent to produce this but I do like the final result.

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Helen Warnod   Helen Warnod
Fabulous shot! I love the concept and the image!
If a may be a little bold, I would suggest toning down the sharpening on the books just a little. They appear a little surreal?   Posted: 09/01/2021 07:33:32

Jason Kravitz   Jason Kravitz
Before seeing this was an art exhibit, I was thinking this looked like a really strange and magical bookstore.

To me, your edit conveys that "magic in the ordinary" sense with the kid pondering the odd colorful books, and the almost surreally clean surrounding.

I don't have much to add. Maybe one idea would be to darken the bookshelf just slighting to put more focus on the kid and add a little more contrast to the overall scene.   Posted: 09/01/2021 17:03:16

Mitch Ross   Mitch Ross
Terry, this is really amazing. I'm duly impressed by your "clean up" skills. I really like how you've flattened the perspective, and I'm totally fixated on the bright books. It's a beautiful image, find myself staring at it, much like the child in the foreground! Very cool - thanks for sharing!   Posted: 09/01/2021 22:28:20

Sunil Mehta   Sunil Mehta

Good capture, little less saturation may look better.   Posted: 09/05/2021 15:40:18

Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
(Groups 45 & 50 & 57)
How fun! This is really well done and the boy is perfectly placed in the frame.   Posted: 09/06/2021 12:03:37

Brenda Fishbaugh   Brenda Fishbaugh
This caught my eye immediately, as I LOVE color! I thought it was a store that sold journals and I got all excited, as I love journals! At least it is a piece of art you've shared with us.

I think it was worth all your Photoshop skills and "too much time" to create this! I do agree with Helen that its a bit difficult to look at with the super sharpening, but that might be what you were going for--op art?

Your skills are fabulous! What a save!   Posted: 09/06/2021 13:00:35


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