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Three Turtles by Jim Hagan

July 2021 - Three Turtles

July 2021 - Jim Hagan


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Last year in early June I was in the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge (near Toledo Ohio) and came across three turtles on a log. I photographed them with a telephoto zoom at about 500 mm, 1/640, f/11 and ISO at 400. In the original image the turtle shells were way over exposed.

So, in Photoshop I selected just the shells and darkened them and also added color and contrast (which took a lot or work). Then I removed much of the distracting specs floating in the water. Then I cropped the image and change the angle of the log to improve the composition. And, finally I darkened the water.

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Helen Warnod   Helen Warnod
Love these turtles Jim. Brilliant move to darken the shells, and heighten the yellows.
The crop improves the image and really brings that first turtle (with attitude) to life.
Nice work
  Posted: 07/02/2021 04:36:38

Sunil Mehta   Sunil Mehta
Liked it.   Posted: 07/02/2021 10:42:20

Brenda Fishbaugh   Brenda Fishbaugh
Jim, I just love kayaking and see so many turtles, but they are very difficult to photograph, as they slip into the water. Great job with some posing for you. I like your changes so far!

If not entering it in PSA Nature, I would bring out the turtle's eyes a bit more. You might consider darkening the log a tad more. The log breaks your composition into two pieces, and I'm not sure what the cure would be?   Posted: 07/03/2021 20:38:09

Terry Walters   Terry Walters
A lovely image well seen, and captured, including getting the log's reflection in the water. The work you've done really enhances the image but I have to agree with Brenda that the log is a bit bright.
  Posted: 07/04/2021 11:04:53

Mitch Ross   Mitch Ross
Great shot, Jim - really drawn to the colors and patterns on their necks. Tough exposure, you've done a nice job fixing this in post. I might try cropping it in a bit tighter, to get rid of some of the open water in the upper right quarter of the frame. Not sure if you can rotate a few degrees CCW to make this easier without making the turtles look "wrong". Like the image - thx!   Posted: 07/06/2021 09:31:06

Jason Kravitz   Jason Kravitz
Fun find Jim. I really like your toning on this one. On the composition / crop, I tried a 16x9 version and included that little nub on the log that to me leads the eye into the group of turtles. I'd be curious to see how it looks with your toning and this type of crop though the way you have it works well too.   Posted: 07/15/2021 13:52:37
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