Adrienn Herendy  

Stunning view to the bank of Bodrog at dawn by Adrienn Herendy

October 2021 - Stunning view to the bank of Bodrog at dawn

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The photo was taken during the early morning hours at a close location from a lookout tower. The view faces to the floodplain of the river Bodrog. During the summer this place is under water, but in autumn it is visible, and very often covered with fog in the mornings. You cannot see it from the picture, but this place is actually sorroundid by the river, in a U-shape. I used a stand, and a 150-600 mm zoom lens. I usedy my Nikon Z50 what I mainly use for hobby photography.

There was a little bit of post processing in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Unfortunately I have some dirt on the sensor, what I had to remove later. :( MILCs are quite soon getting dirty... :-/

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Nicole Asselborn   Nicole Asselborn
an interesting morning shot well framed ,it looks like your focus is in the center of the image .I really like the foreground fog ,there is quite a lot of "noise " and the sky is flat but I realize that this is how it likely was that day at that time .In lightroom it might be worth pushing the exposure while adjusting the contrast.Have you tried cropping a tad more to highlight the center ?   Posted: 10/05/2021 07:44:00


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