Pauline Jaffe  

Buffalo by Pauline Jaffe

September 2021 - Buffalo

About the Image(s)

The subject image of a wild buffalo was taken on Antelope Island State Park in Utah. The history of bison on Antelope Island is quite interesting. In 1893, 12 bison were brought to Antelope Island to preserve the buffalo from the American plains. The buffalo herd have grown to over 400 and every year there is a buffalo roundup.

I took this image with my Nikon 5600 and 70-300 lens.
In Lightroom I darkened/toned down the grasses.

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Walter Swett   Walter Swett
I think this is a very nice image/portrait of the bison with nice lighting, color, depth of field and catchlight in its eye. I like how you captured the texture in the fur and hide and surrounding environment.

Just currious, do you have an image that shows a little more of the surrounding environment?   Posted: 09/14/2021 10:27:03

Frank St-Pierre   Frank St-Pierre
Nice texture and color, as noted. Original available? I might have raised the shadows and increased contrast. A shot without the bush hiding its 2 legs would add to an otherwise fine specimen.   Posted: 09/16/2021 12:51:48


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