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HummingbirdMoth by Frank St-Pierre

September 2021 - HummingbirdMoth

September 2021 - Frank St-Pierre


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I should have been taking photos of the old church, but instead got interested in this hummingbird moth (type of sphinx moth) in a flower garden in Vasto (Italy).

I took the photo last week, handheld from about 5 feet away with a Fuji Xt-3 and a 100-400 lens plus extender tube: 1/2000 sec, F4.8, ISO 400, focal length 247mm (35mm equiv), spot metering mode. After cropping and minor tinkering with exposure and saturation, I tried to improve sharpness, but the eye is still slightly fuzzy. This little critter was too fast and paused only a second at each flower.

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Pauline Jaffe   Pauline Jaffe
I'm glad you captured this hummingbird moth instead of taking images of the old church. This image is amazing!

This is a unique and interesting image. The image is well lit and it is in sharp focus except for the eye as you indicated which is a little fuzzy.

I feel like that fellow is watching me!
Nicely done.   Posted: 09/11/2021 23:30:09

Walter Swett   Walter Swett
I recently had a couple of these visit my backyard. I tried to photograph them, but didn't get any shots nearly as nice as this. As you said, they move fast and certainly didn't pose for me!

I like the pose you captured, the colors, overall lighting and shutter speed you used showing the rapidly moving wings.

I find the petals at the bottom of the image a little distracting. Did you consider cropping them out? I have made a slightly tighter crop of your image. What do you think?

  Posted: 09/14/2021 11:00:08
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