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Moonlit Heidelberg Castle by Bill Foy

May 2021 - Moonlit Heidelberg Castle

May 2021 - Bill Foy


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This image was made in Heidelberg, Germany a few years ago. When I thought about using this as a monochrome image, I thought I might be able to make it appear moonlit because of the scattered lighter areas. I'm very curious to see what the group thinks. Processed in ACR & PS2021 - slight crop to bottom and left, I tried to get the colors correct in ACR before I converted to monochrome. In PS I used the blue, yellow and red sliders to create the nighttime look. I also tried adding a sky in PS, but it wouldn't convert to mono, so I abandoned that idea. Nikon D300s, Nikkor 18-250mm lens @ 32mm, f/25, 1/30, ISO-200, handheld

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Haru Nagasaki   Haru Nagasaki
Hi Bill,
This is nice BW conversion. I like it.
BW version speaks the history and mood.
And the tone range is wide so that I enjoy watching it.
I would lighten the foreground (bottom part) just a little so that I can see the details. That's all.
Well done!   Posted: 05/03/2021 22:14:20

Ata Kemal Sahin   Ata Kemal Sahin
Amazing ruin, great bnw conversion except grainy sky. Regarding exif; even if it was a handheld shot, f25 looks a bit radical choice. Your edit style in PS is ok. Thanks for sharing Bill.   Posted: 05/05/2021 10:40:11

Tevor Harvey   Tevor Harvey
Hi Bill, I love the ruin and it really suits Mono. Plain blue skies are a killer (Not that we see them too often in Ireland) Love the contrast in the ruin.   Posted: 05/05/2021 14:01:38

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
The B&W version is definately more powerful than the colour one. The image has a lot of drama. In my opinion, you have succeeded very well with the post-processing. You have got exactly what you wanted; to make it look like late evening light. I have to agree with Ata about the camera settings. Around f/10 and ISO 100 would been a better choice in my opinion. It is amacing, though, that you have got it sharp at 1/30, handheld.   Posted: 05/08/2021 02:41:03


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