Mary Frost  

Lake Irene by Mary Frost

November 2023 - Lake Irene

November 2023 - Mary Frost


About the Image(s)

The attached image was taken in the Colorado Rockies when I was teaching a Road Scholar program at the Mountain Campus of Colorado State University.

The main adjustments I made were to do some “cloud sculpting” in Nik Software. I also added some contrast to the forest area.

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Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Mary, You get a calm soothing feeling looking at your nice image. Your post processing is spot on. I especially like the color of the sky. Thanks for sharing this nice image. Bruce   Posted: 11/02/2023 17:33:57

Dr Isaac Vaisman   Dr Isaac Vaisman
Mary, beautiful and sharp landscape image. I like the complete reflection of the pine trees, and the little amount of grass on the left lower are which gives depth creating the foreground, midground and background. Looks like a peaceful place to sit and enjoy he view.   Posted: 11/03/2023 09:11:38
Mary Frost   Mary Frost
Thanks for your comments. this spot also offered many photographic opportunities for my class   Posted: 11/03/2023 10:09:37

Charles Bartolotta   Charles Bartolotta
(Group 42)
Hi Mary Lou- Nice image. I wish I were there today. Your exposure is perfect, nice shadow detail, and the the color is right on.   Posted: 11/07/2023 15:41:34
Mary Frost   Mary Frost
Charlie, it is nice to see you drop by this group. Thanks for your comments.   Posted: 11/07/2023 16:07:38

Adrian Binney   Adrian Binney
Nice peaceful and calm view Mary. This proves that what I normally call boring evergreen trees can be in a pleasing situation. The limited colour palette works well.   Posted: 11/18/2023 06:19:19

Maria Mazo   Maria Mazo
Hi Mary, you have capture a beautiful landscape image on a sunny day. While the light conditions may not have been the best for creating an atmospheric shot, you managed to capture a nice composition with those reflections in the water and an interesting sky. Your editing complements the image very well.   Posted: 11/19/2023 04:05:52

Barbara Gore   Barbara Gore
Hi Mary. This location has such beautiful scenery and looks like a great place to kayak. The PP was done well to bring out the beauty of the scene. When I first looked at this image, I was immediately drawn to the sky and the evergreen tree shapes. I don't think the shoreline is directly in the middle, but with the crop, I see the image as being divided into 2 parts. For me, the trees and sky create a strong connection while the water and small patch of grass don't show a strong enough relation to the top of the image. I wish the ripply reflections were a bit more distinct.
Overall, the image is lovely and gives me a sense of place to this beautiful location.   Posted: 11/19/2023 08:17:23
Mary Frost   Mary Frost
Thanks for your comments.   Posted: 11/19/2023 11:52:45