Dr Isaac Vaisman, QPSA

Dr Isaac Vaisman, QPSA

Dr. Isaac Vaisman, QPSA

I am a native of Caracas-Venezuela, born and raised there. I still am a semiretired physician (Radiation Oncologist) and a self-educated photographer since the mid-sixties. As a teenager I was the youngest member of the Foto Club Caracas. Winner of the first price in black and white prints in all three camera clubs of Venezuela, the same year. Did my own black and white processing and printing for many years, until I finished medical school and came to the US for postgraduate training in the 70's.

After a very long gap, started with digital photography in the early 2000's and more involved since I acquired my first digital Nikon D300 . I am a "Nikonian" by conviction. Have participated in many competitions and received several awards.

I joined the first Camera Club in Florida in 2008: Broward Camera Club, of which I was President for four years (2013 to 2016). Also was a member of the Pines West Camera Club, and currently I only attend the Coral Springs Camera Club that offers activities of interest.

I joined PSA in 2011. Completed the course of Image Evaluation a few years ago, and most recently (March 2021) the Advanced Photo Travel Course and was an instructor for a while. Appointed as 2nd Vicechair of the PSA Photo Travel Division in 2021

I am an active member on four of the PID Digital Dialogue groups: 04 (General Photography), 58 (street Scenes), 59 (Sport) and 72 (Nature +). I am the administrator of groups 58 and 72. I am also a member of the PSA PTD (Travel Photography) group 04.

Recently I obtained my ROPA distinction QPSA. I hold 2 stars in Nature Exhibitions, 2 stars in Monochrome Class, 2 stars in Color Class, 1 star in Photo Travel Exhibitions and 1 star in Photojournalism.