Tom Buckard  

El Galeon Andalusia by Tom Buckard

September 2023 - El Galeon Andalusia

About the Image(s)

This nine image HDR was taken just after dark on the docks in Key West Bight, Florida. It was traveling the world. This is a replica of a 17th Century 3 Masted Galleon and was built in Seville, Spain. This is exactly like the Spanish galleons that for three centuries linked Asia, America and Spain and allowed the greatest interchange of cultures, people and ideas in history. They ruled the navigation through the oceans of the world and became the only commercial and cultural vehicle between continents, being responsible for the first worldwide globalization.

Shot with a Nikon D300S, 18-200 lens, F8, Focal length 31mm and ISO 200. Processed with Aurora HDR.

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Michele Borgarelli   Michele Borgarelli
Tom at first I thought this image was "too much". However, once I review it with more attention, I can just appreciate the excellent work you have done my creating an artistic representation of this scenery. I think your use of HDR and all tools of Aurora to create this painterly image were successful.


Michele   Posted: 09/03/2023 20:23:03
Tom Buckard   Tom Buckard
Thank you Michele, shooting this image well after sunset (almost dark) was a challenge. Long, long exposure times! I also feel its is painterly or even grunge but is is unusual.   Posted: 09/04/2023 19:42:02

Nigel Dalton   Nigel Dalton
Grunge is good. With all the strong lines emanating from the masts and rigging you could get away with almost anything in this. Well thought out PP Tom it works well. I wonder if there's any more orange to balance the cyan/blue?   Posted: 09/06/2023 08:50:29

Ted Newman   Ted Newman
Great image. love the composition and the choice of style!   Posted: 09/06/2023 11:32:27

Theresa Rice   Theresa Rice
This is an image that makes one pause and look again - and that's always a good thing. Everything is sharp and the composition is excellent. I think the colors work well. I find the post processing interesting - if I saw without the explanation it would have me investigating more closely to determine if if was a photo or painting.
Well, well done!   Posted: 09/06/2023 15:41:04

John Zhu   John Zhu
The HDR made the scenery more dramatic. But it felt more an artistic express than a real scenery.   Posted: 09/07/2023 18:05:25