Mike Patterson  

Two-Way Traffic by Mike Patterson

May 2021 - Two-Way Traffic

About the Image(s)

I was in Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge the last week of April 2021. I’d been there in the winter when the Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese were there, but anxious for a road trip, I headed to South Central New Mexico to see what I could find. Although I spotted a nice assortment of birds and wildlife, it was nothing compared to watching the thousands of wintering birds there from late fall to early spring. However, I did find this Great Blue Heron in a marsh. I took a shot and only when I processed the image did I see the small black-and-white bird flying over its head. I can’t make out exactly what kind of bird it is. But nevertheless, I thought it was a fun capture. Shot with a Canon 7D, 100-600 mm Sigma telephoto lens at 791mm. Extremely fast shutter speed “ 1/6400 second at ISO1250, f/6.


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