Mike Patterson

Mike Patterson

I retired last year after a career in journalism, followed by work in the non-profit sector. (Of course, some say journalism and non-profit are one and the same.) About half my time is spent on our family ranch in the Texas Hill Country where we raise angora goats (for mohair) and sheep (for wool). Many of my photos are from those environs.

My wife and I love to travel, primarily to New Mexico and the American Southwest. Those are other places where I love to shoot.

Although I've been photographing nearly my entire life, I'm at the point where I can devote more time and attention to developing the craft. A main goal of mine is to fine-tune my eye and improving my composition so that my photos stand out from appearing like snapshots. I am working very hard at self-discipline - slowing down, looking at various angles, composing the scene before shooting rather than my Click! Click! Click! rapid fire method.

Photography is great fun for me and a way to self-express myself. I have no illusions about being a professional. I shoot simply for the joy of it.

My equipment is rather low budget. I use a Canon T2i camera, various lenses -- mainly a 28-135 mm which is my "walk-around" lens - and the basic polarizing and ND filters. I also have a 400 mm zoom which I use occasionally for capturing shots of wildlife on our ranch. I do all of my processing on Lightroom.