Geoff Wiggins, FAPS  

Lighting in the Flinders by Geoff Wiggins, FAPS

February 2024 - Lighting in the Flinders

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Lighting in the Flinders. 48mm f6.3 1/160 sec. ISO 200.

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Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Hi Geoff,
Very interesting and appealing image with this tree jumping out in the light!
Can you give us a bit more information on where and how you took this image?
Beautiful.   Posted: 02/03/2024 12:20:42
Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
Thanks Pierre, it was taken in the flinders Ranges about a 4 hour drive of Adelaide. Parachilna gorge is the name of the gorge. The rocks have been warn down over the past 550 million years and the backdrop to the picture consists of chocolate coloured shales. The light came from the side but not on the rocks letting the tree stand out.   Posted: 02/03/2024 15:44:38
Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Thanks for the info. Well done.   Posted: 02/03/2024 15:49:02

Kirk Gulledge   Kirk Gulledge
Geoff- I love backlighted images like this tree, which really "pops" away from the darker background. The green, blue and red colors make a lovely backdrop, and I especially like the ray of light on the small branch coming up on the left of the tree. Really nice shot!
  Posted: 02/03/2024 12:42:24
Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
Thanks Kirk.   Posted: 02/03/2024 15:45:12

Kathryn Engle
I agree with the others and how nice the lighted tree is with the darker background. Beautiful.   Posted: 02/09/2024 13:18:03
Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
Thanks Kathryn for the comment   Posted: 02/11/2024 23:09:36

Stefaan Brodelet   Stefaan Brodelet
Wow. Hi Geof , this is a great picture. Beautiful lighted tree and control in the dark parts of the image. Looks a painted image. :-)Is a winner image I should say.   Posted: 02/11/2024 02:45:59
Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
Thanks Stefaan   Posted: 02/11/2024 23:10:04
Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
Thanks Stefaan   Posted: 02/11/2024 23:10:04

Frans Gunterus   Frans Gunterus
Hi Geoff. I agree and recognize the group comments here. The backlights, light fall to certain areas etc. The whole scene is sharp and colorful. Your post this month reminds me on what I learned lately. How to add an ethereal glow for calming landscape photos. This is so much personal taste though. I learned it from Mark Denney from this link.   Posted: 02/20/2024 20:30:13
Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Very interesting video. Thanks Frans.   Posted: 02/21/2024 09:43:58

Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
Thanks for the comments and the video clip Frans   Posted: 02/21/2024 20:21:41