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Fishing Shacks by Kirk Gulledge

August 2022 - Fishing Shacks

August 2022 - Kirk Gulledge


August 2022 - Kirk Gulledge

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I’m attaching three images of some fishing shacks I photographed fairly recently. The one labeled Fishing Shacks-1 is the picture out of my camera. The Fishing Shacks-2 is the first enhancement, and the other one is the final for comments.

Here’s my description:
This is a picture of some fishing shacks located in the middle of the river near our home in Florida, and I took the picture from a rocking boat as we were leaving the shacks for home. I hand-held my Panasonic Lumix bridge camera with about a 200mm lens length. We had already taken a number of close-up pictures and thought wee were finished, but as we were departing, the clouds made a spectacular formation above the shacks and that became the focus of the photo, as you’ll see in my Fishing Shacks-1 picture. I enhanced it a bit using NIK Color Efex 4, Tonal Contrast, and that gave me more the color of the scene that I remembered. However, I began to think the real subject of the picture was the fishing shacks, so I cropped it slightly and then scaled up the size of the fishing shacks just a bit to make them more prominent with the cloud playing more of a supportive role. Would welcome any comments!

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Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
To all,
Please welcome Kirk (from Florida - Fort Myers) to our group.
Pierre   Posted: 08/01/2022 17:26:35

Paul Smith   Paul Smith
(Group 93)
This is a wonderful image. As for me, the cloud is the star of your show, with shacks serving a supportive role. You have captured them both so well, why bicker?   Posted: 08/07/2022 14:38:21
Kirk Gulledge   Kirk Gulledge
Thanks for your thoughts, Paul!
  Posted: 08/10/2022 11:54:41

Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
Great lighting Kirk, clouds have sure made the pic, great to se the pic so sharp, only thought I have is I may have cropped a little of the right and included a little more to the left, but thats only me, its great as it is.   Posted: 08/08/2022 00:27:17
Kirk Gulledge   Kirk Gulledge
I can see why you'd say that about the cropping, Geoff. Thanks for the feedback.
  Posted: 08/10/2022 11:55:26

Barbara E Miller   Barbara E Miller
(Group 5)
Oh! your sky is superb Kirk, the is indeed one to hang on your wall. Good work!   Posted: 08/08/2022 13:31:10
Kirk Gulledge   Kirk Gulledge
Thanks so much, Barbara. It was a really special photo op and I treasure the memories from it.   Posted: 08/10/2022 11:56:42

Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Hi Kirk,
Starting with PSA DD 70 with a wonderful image. Very nice composition and backlight effects. Full of movements in the sky in contrast to the perfectly still shacks.
I am not sure that there are many differences between the second image and the final product - both are lovely.   Posted: 08/13/2022 13:33:22
Kirk Gulledge   Kirk Gulledge
Thanks, Pierre, I tried to make the fishing shack larger in the final picture to draw more attention to it, but maybe that's not really necessary. Thanks for your thoughts!   Posted: 08/14/2022 11:17:00

Kate Byrne   Kate Byrne
That is so dramatic, so well done. I wouldn't change a thing.   Posted: 08/15/2022 15:45:49

Terina Vale   Terina Vale
Oh wow, what great clouds you have captured here, love how you have processed your image.
  Posted: 08/15/2022 16:57:42

Frans Gunterus   Frans Gunterus
Hi Kirk, welcome to the club. When reviewing your Fishing Shacks 1, 2 and 3. I disagree if you claimed yourself as a photo newbie :). To me, you have done a perfect edit from Fishing Shacks 1, 2 to 3. The sky is really dramatic and absolutely awesome. My only suggestion, I would consider removing minor halos on the fishing sack and the flying bird.   Posted: 08/15/2022 22:51:22

Kathryn Engle
Welcome Kirk!!! Nice shot. Its good that you mentioned some of your post processing technique. I use the tonal contrast in Nik a lot. I think it makes a big difference in many shots. I think your crop was just right. It brings out the subject and the beauty of the clouds. Great shot!!!   Posted: 08/15/2022 23:36:06


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