Lamar Nix  

Wildflower Profusion by Lamar Nix

May 2021 - Wildflower Profusion

About the Image(s)

Erigeron philadelphicus a/k/a "Common Fleabane". In earlier times this small wildflower was dried and stuffed into bedding to ward off fleas - apparently a mistaken idea! About the size of a dime ( about 2 cm diameter ), this small wildflower is a welcomed resident to the spring roadside and meadow.

The present scene was taken from a patch along the roadside. My objective was to capture the foreground in sharp focus, but to present the background out of focus to create the feeling that one is immersed in a whole field of them. This image was taken with my iphone camera held low to the ground, about 2 or 3 inches off the ground, in dappled sunlight.


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