Geoff Wiggins, FAPS  

Eagle by Geoff Wiggins, FAPS

January 2022 - Eagle

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Time to line up another pic. I am still on eagles. This one was taken along the Birdsville Track. ISO 200 1/2000 f8 500mm.

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Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Hi Geoff,
Don't mess with me is the message of his eagle! Great capture, nice blurred and non-competing background, very sharp and fantastic feather texture. Great image. Keep on the good work.
  Posted: 01/03/2022 19:26:48
Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
hanks for the kind comments Pierre   Posted: 01/03/2022 22:53:17

Brenda Fishbaugh   Brenda Fishbaugh
Incredibly nice! Where did you photograph him and where was he--in tree? on the nest? A golden eagle juvenile?

Great detail in his wing pattern. A couple of thoughts...perhaps flip him so he's looking out of the photo? I think you can trim a tan off the top, as all his energy is looking straight ahead. And I might lighten his eye just a tad, so we really appreciate that focus!

Bravo!   Posted: 01/04/2022 20:19:48

Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
The eagle is super sharp. The background is suitably blurred, but the color palette helps to enhance the colors of the feathers. Much better than a blue sky!   Posted: 01/11/2022 14:38:06
Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
Thanks for the thought Mervyn.   Posted: 01/12/2022 22:31:22


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