Pierre Williot

Pierre Williot

I am living in Buffalo, NY but was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My interests in photography started during my childhood. My father was using a manual single lens reflex camera without interchangeable lens nor light meter. Obviously the digital technology was not even dreamed about at that time.

I bought my first camera at the age 15. This was a film camera with interchangeable lenses and light meter. Autofocus did not exist at the time. The digital technology came 30 years later!

I use Canon and Panasonic Lumix products. I am mainly interested in Landscape and nature photography.

I am a member of two local photography groups (Science Museum Camera Club, Buffalo, NY and the South Town Camera Club, Hamburg, NY). My participation to local groups increased my interest for the art of photography.

I like to receive constructive remarks and comments as I want to perfect my technique and develop my own style.