Barry Rothstein  

Sapphire Tower by Barry Rothstein

September 2023 - Sapphire Tower

September 2023 - Barry Rothstein


September 2023 - Barry Rothstein


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I found this rare plant at the San Diego Botanical Garden in Encinitas, California. Amazing color. Shot it with a Panasonic Lumix GX7 with 3-D lens, using frame sides for phantogram processing.

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Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
Another nice phantogram. The straight on angle of the pistils hides some of the depth. Also the darkness in the foreground flowers clashes with the brightness of the white frame and background. You could reduce contrast and increase saturation, or stack multiple exposures to increase dynamic range.   Posted: 09/10/2023 13:12:51

David Allen   David Allen
Another nice phantogram of some flowers sticking out of my monitor.   Posted: 09/19/2023 22:29:32

Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
Excellent phantogram. Sharp image with nice colors. The flowers are nicely coming out of the window. The frame appears to be thick. What about coloring it with some harmonizing colors and/or with pattern?   Posted: 09/23/2023 12:44:19
Barry Rothstein   Barry Rothstein
Thanks for the suggestion. It would be fun to play around with some patterned or natural backgrounds with shots like this.   Posted: 09/23/2023 15:54:05


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