Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA  

Adorable Bali Women by Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA

September 2023 - Adorable Bali Women

September 2023 - Dr V G Mohanan Nair, APSA, QPSA


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This image was shot during my Bali visit during the first week of August, 2023. We had a fotoshoot during the Galumgan festival in Ubud (in Bali, Indonesia) with some models. Camera Canon EOS R5 with dual fisheye lense. f/9, 1/80 sec, ISO 500, focal length 5mm with center weighted average. The image was initially processed in EOS VR uitility software to make it a square image. Further processing was done in SPM.

The Galungan festival signifies the triumph of ‘dharma’ over ‘adharma’ (good over evil). Kuningan, the last day of Galungan is believed to be the day ancient spirits return. Hindu devotees suspend distinctive ‘penjor’ or bamboo poles in front of their homes as symbols of the essence of Galungan (good winning over evil).

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Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
Excellent stereo through the whole image. There seems to be a minimal window violation at the top edge, and there is an anomaly where a window or reflection is visible in the right image, but not in the left. This could easily be cloned out. Also, the dynamic range could be increased by raising the gamma level in SPM, or using curves in photoshop or gimp. I absolutely love the spirit masks protecting the doorway   Posted: 09/01/2023 10:46:39
Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
The mild window violation, I think, is due to the fish-eye lense image. If I do more push back using Easy adjustment, the centre portion is going far away from the window.   Posted: 09/21/2023 09:40:06
Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
A small edit at the top would fix it.   Posted: 09/22/2023 19:07:55
Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
Here is one of my father's spirit masks, similar to the ones in your image...   Posted: 09/23/2023 14:47:47
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David Allen   David Allen
Interesting 3D image. Lots of things to look at. Great job.   Posted: 09/19/2023 21:54:26

Barry Rothstein   Barry Rothstein
Love Bali, terrific stereo shot
  Posted: 09/23/2023 18:50:25


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