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Bald Eagles by Richard Matheny

August 2022 - Bald Eagles

August 2022 - Richard Matheny


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I am lucky enough to have several Eagle nests near my home in SC. I watched the guys all spring raising a couple of young. They would often sit in a tree near the nest and watch the young ones do their thing. This day the both sat side by side and I thought it made for a great portrait of Mom and Dad. My only disappointment is they were really high in the tree. I backed off as much as I could to try and level the shot but could not get what I really wanted.
Nikon D500 with a 300mm lens and a 1.4 convertor. Shooting at 1/1500 sec. at f11 and ISO of 1000.
Big Crop, Toned down that really bright blue sky, Opened up the shadows on the birds and warmed them up just a little,

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Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
Be grateful!!! I've got a nearby eagle nest like this (same darn tree) by my adults always sit with a branch blocking them!!

Even with the crop this is a solid image and you kept the birds looking sharp and the highlights are well handled--a hard task with this specie. I will offer two suggestions. First I would add a bit of space to the left side of the image. The birds are looking to the left but the space on both the right and the left are about equal. Let the birds have a little room to move into. (you have plenty on the original). The second suggestion is to lighten the breast of the eagle on the left. I mention this because the upper bird has more light on the left side (you can see the white edges of the feathers) and the lower bird is a bit darker. Can you sort of match them?   Posted: 08/07/2022 14:09:49


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