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Flowing Stream by David Kepley

May 2022 - Flowing Stream

May 2022 - David Kepley


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I took this image on a recent trip to the Smokies. I was with a photo workshop. My goal here was to get the view to enjoy the fast moving water in front and to follow the path of the stream up to the brightly lit trees in the background. Does it work for you?

Settings: Canon 7D Mark II, 24-70 Tamron lens, shot at 24mm, 1/4 sec, f14, ISO 200. I processed the image in LRC using the basic sliders. I darkened the rocks on the left and the leaves at the top.

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Richard Matheny   Richard Matheny
Dave I will comment on this image really quick. I think you have done some really good work on this photo. I like the s-curve of the stream that leads you back to the light and through the photo. I also like that you didn't over process the image with saturation. The colors are brightened which is good, but they still look like what normal trees should look like. Nice depth and good contrast in the photo. Wonderful image.   Posted: 05/03/2022 20:20:46

David Kepley   David Kepley
Thanks, Richard. I wondered if I should have done this as a vertical pano to get more of the trees?   Posted: 05/04/2022 09:13:40
Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
NO! Having more of the trees will just take attention away from the river where the action is. It looks really good just like it is.   Posted: 05/09/2022 12:08:22

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
Your intent was to show the action of the water and to lead the viewer to the bright area in the distance. This image does exactly that. While the front area is quite bright and is the3 first thing that draws the eye, the water is interesting due to the amount of detail that you captured. The bright water at the bottom is continued by bright water along the left side that creates a fine leading "S" shaped line lets the eye drift toward the back of the scene. and finally settle on the golden light in the distance. The shaded area kept the light soft and adds to the tranquil feeling of the scene. You do not need more trees in the background, the size of the tree trunks tells the viewer that there are big trees back there so there is no need to show them and thus your image rightfully keeps all the attention on the river.

Nice work.   Posted: 05/09/2022 12:16:44
David Kepley   David Kepley
Thanks for confirming my initial thought about the composition. I took several other photos from the same spot as verticals and was half contemplating doing a comnposite. Now I will not bother.   Posted: 05/10/2022 09:45:11

Bud Ralston   Bud Ralston
David - love the shot! I can hear the stream rushing by as I look at your image. Can't ask for more than that. 😉   Posted: 05/12/2022 12:46:24

David Kepley   David Kepley
Thanks bud! No higher praise than to hear someone say that they can imagine being in the scene!   Posted: 05/12/2022 14:25:10

Frank St-Pierre   Frank St-Pierre
David: Very nice effect, getting both some detail and some motion, achieving the effect you were seeking. Not only can I hear the water, I can taste it...

The only 2 minor adjustments I could suggest would be to (1) lower exposure on the sunlit trees and lower yellow saturation a bit and (2) I would straighten (rotate right) the water line where stream emerges from sunlight, because it's tilted enough (in my eyes) to be distracting. Even if the camera was true horizontal, I always try to make the horizon look straight when water is involved. But picture is still great without adjustments.
  Posted: 05/16/2022 16:41:40


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