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Following the Road by Melanie Hurwitz

May 2022 - Following the Road

May 2022 - Melanie Hurwitz


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I think that most of us are intrigued by interesting skies, especially when traveling. This was on the way to one of the national parks in Utah. The long straight road leading to a vanishing point called out and we stopped. I liked the vast open planes leading to the distant mountains.
After converting to black and white,I cropped out some of the sky. Took it into Color Efex where I used detail extrater and darken, lighten to create a little more drama and as usual added some contrast. Looking forward to you comments.
Canon EOS 20 D, ISO 400, F13, 28mm

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Palli Gajree   Palli Gajree
Hi Melanie
What a lovely shot you've presented! Both composition and processing spot on. I'm equally intrigued by the band of passing clouds which form part and parcel of the image. Well done!!   Posted: 05/01/2022 04:57:08
Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
Thanks Palli   Posted: 05/08/2022 15:14:32

Arik Gorban   Arik Gorban
Hi Melanie. Yes, dramatic skies are great for photography and especially for IR photography. The scene and composition are beautiful. I, personally, prefer smoother skies. I find that the Color Efex Pro Detail Extractor and Viveza Structure make the sky look grungy. I reduce the effect or mask the sky completely. I wonder if you took the same shot standing in the middle of the road.   Posted: 05/01/2022 06:12:07
Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
I appreciate the comment on the sky and will take note next time. No I did not step into the road on this one!   Posted: 05/08/2022 15:16:23

Henry Heerschap   Henry Heerschap
Melanie - Great subject! I love using roads and paths as leading lines and like what you did here with yours. I do have to agree with Arik that those wonderful clouds are too crunchy. I also find them too dark. Masking out the sky and processing it separately would also add some separation between land and sky.   Posted: 05/01/2022 08:05:24
Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
Thanks Henry, I agree that the sky may be too dark and chruchy for the image.   Posted: 05/08/2022 15:18:17

Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
We were definitely thinking alike, this month, Melanie! While I do like the softer feel of your original, we all have different preferences for contrast. I'm thinking your road might have had more traffic, and it can be tough to get out there on the center line. Regardless, its such a beautiful area, you can't go wrong with a landscape like this.   Posted: 05/02/2022 10:29:57
Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
Thank you Jack, I wish I could explain why I did not take the picture from the middle of the road. My husband often reprimands me for doing that on much busier roads. Posted: 05/08/2022 15:20:27   Posted: 05/08/2022 15:21:28

Gary Potts   Gary Potts
Hi Melanie...I'm late in replying this month, but without reading any of the other comments first, let me say I think this image is simply splendid as it is! You and Jack are on the same wavelength this month! Detail Extractor and Darken/Lighten Center have added wonderful value and impact to the scene. If there was anything at all to do with this image, it might be to see if you could lighten the distant-most mountains that are currently in the shade.   Posted: 05/03/2022 09:46:15
Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
Thanks Gary, I did lighten the middle mountains, but somehow managed to ignore those on the far right.   Posted: 05/08/2022 15:23:34

Emil Davidzuk   Emil Davidzuk

I am glad you stopped to take a shot of two of the straight highway ribbon taking you to your destination in Utah. It seemed like the perfect spot with the mountains in the background, the road leading line with sage and what not on either side, and the billowing clouds that maybe could be shade lighter here and there.

Wonderful scene

I apologize for my late comments

Emil   Posted: 05/16/2022 13:07:27

Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Hi Melanie,

Clouds! Powerful clouds made to look even more so because of your skills in processing. I liked that you avoided using the highway as the center of your composition, in-fact, I'd consider removing the fog line. I also liked how you brought out the highlights in the distant hills making an image full of energy even more dynamic.   Posted: 05/16/2022 18:52:23


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