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July 2021 - OLD CAR CITY USA

July 2021 - Gary Potts, APSA, GMPSA, SPSA


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Before saying another word, let me sincerely thank all of you for last month's feedback. It is so valuable to hear your opinions and suggestions! How wonderful that we all 'see' just that much differently that we can add value to the works of others. Ok...this month was a bucket list item...a trip to Old Car City USA, located in the smallish town of White, Georgia, some 50 miles E/NE of Atlanta. I can't describe it accurately except to say it's a 32 acre collection of old or abandoned cars, started by the current owner's grandfather in the 1930's. The walking paths through the place total 6.1 miles if you take them all! Amazing, bizarre and very photogenic...putting it mildly. Google it to see and know more about the place. I couldn't decide which one to submit, but finally chose a 1968 Renault Caravelle. I processed this a dozen ways, and I couldn't decide which version I liked, but here's one of them. My usual processing in Color Efex and Silver Efex Pro was used to prepare this one.

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Palli Gajree   Palli Gajree
Hi Gary
Your subject matter is perfect for IR ... so is the post-processing. Inclusion of the two cars in the background is a fine touch. I do like the steering wheel sitting out! An excellent find.
Thanks too for sharing the story.   Posted: 07/04/2021 01:45:46
Gary Potts   Gary Potts
Thanks Palli...just when I seem to run short on good IR images, up comes another opportunity!   Posted: 07/05/2021 14:14:26

Arik Gorban   Arik Gorban
Hi Gary. I wish I was closer to this place. I can see the attraction, especially for IR photography. The composition works well. The textures are great too. I know you like bold, high contrast, pictures. I would have liked the grasses to stay softer, as in the original, in order for the car to stand out. As you said, we all interpret scenes differently, and that's a good thing.
  Posted: 07/04/2021 08:57:29
Gary Potts   Gary Potts
Hi Arik,
Thanks very much for your feedback. Like I said, I tried multiple options and ended up here. I'll go back and implement your suggestions and see how it looks!   Posted: 07/05/2021 14:15:23

Emil Davidzuk   Emil Davidzuk

I love OCC and I am glad you have had the pleasure of shooting there. I have been twice and I am returning in Nov.

You found an auto for your subject that was not so overgrown with vegetation - in an OCC setting. Well done



Rmil   Posted: 07/04/2021 14:14:21
Gary Potts   Gary Potts
Wow...didn't know so many people knew of it, but it HAS been on CBS Sunday Morning and in National Geographic! Thanks for your comments, and takes lots more in November, Emil!   Posted: 07/05/2021 14:16:47

Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
Hi Gary, Congratulations on your fine article in the latest journal. You are a busy man! Really enjoyed it and love the front cover image.
I hope to visit Car City at the end of this month. It's a photographers dream.
You found something without competing distractions which is not always easy there. As usual your conversion works so well. You have really captured that atmosphere and grunge of the place.   Posted: 07/05/2021 13:37:22
Gary Potts   Gary Potts
Very kind, Melanie...thank you. You will not be disappointed in OCC USA! Ask the owner where the OLDEST section is...we didn't get over that direction, but you might find it of highest interest.   Posted: 07/05/2021 14:18:10

Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
I'm one of the few who's never heard of Car City, Gary, so thanks for letting me know about it! My first thought was, this is unusually low contrast, for Gary, but looking at the original of course reveals it was quite a low contrast scene. I tend to agree with Arik's comment, as in perhaps lower contrast in the surroundings, and I'd try for richer blacks in the car itself, or if that's not possible, perhaps just making the steering wheel true black would be enough. The unexpectedness of the steering wheel is what makes the image for me.   Posted: 07/05/2021 16:34:34

Lisa Cuchara   Lisa Cuchara
(Groups 41 & 44 & 91)
OCC is one of my favorite places. I wish I was Dean's only daughter, lol.

I always wish for light rain or overcast when there as bright days with mottled sunlight are hard, but perfect for IR. We have gone many times, and lead workshops there too. Wonderful place!

I love your subject and composition choices. Perhaps a tad more contrast and burn the roof of the car   Posted: 07/07/2021 14:36:10

Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Gary, this is the kind of subject matter I too am attracted to. Chaos is fetching. We have several large junk yards in my area, but unfortunately lawyers have told the owners to not allow photographers on their properties. I like your choice of car and the fact that you did not eliminate the random steering wheel on its hood.   Posted: 07/09/2021 15:08:34