Russell Hunt  

Coneflower by Russell Hunt

August 2022 - Coneflower

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Purple cone flower. Nikon D500 F5 @1200 sec. ISO 200. EV -.3. FL 60mm.

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Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
Hi Russel, This is one of my favorite flowers to photograph in the field. To find one that you can isolate just adds to the pleasure. I think that your lovely bloom would show off much better if you cropped down. The out of focus foreground hold my view before getting to the flower and I would crop to just below the stem. Including the 3 or 4 buds above the flower will still show environment. Let me know what you think.   Posted: 08/04/2022 10:42:47

Al Swanson   Al Swanson
Hello Russell And welcome to the group. I love the structure of the coneflower as well and their color. But I do agree that this image would really stand out more if it was cropped both from the top and bottom. This would segregate the bloom and focus our attention on it. I would also suggest increasing the exposure slightly and the saturation to really enhance the flower. Thanks.   Posted: 08/06/2022 07:53:56

Julie Pastor   Julie Pastor
What a beautiful flower. The colors of the bloom and the colors of the background work great together. I also think that a tighter crop would create more impact of this image.   Posted: 08/07/2022 19:14:44

Fran Yates   Fran Yates
Hi Russell, I am always on the search for a cone flower. I love how the petals seem to dance. I agree with the others about cropping top and bottom. While the contrast of the green and pink compliment each other, I would like to see the cone flower stand out more. Can you bring the saturation of the green down a bit? So fortunate to see one in this good condition all alone.   Posted: 08/10/2022 18:31:56

Diana Duffey   Diana Duffey
Hello Russel, I also like to photograph coneflowers. I have several coneflower plants growing in my garden. Nice image... great color and clarity. Cropping it tighter would really make the coneflower stand out.   Posted: 08/11/2022 06:21:06

Maria Mazo   Maria Mazo
Hi Russel, your Coneflower is beautiful but I agree with the other members about the crop. I find the foreground a bit busy and it takes attention away from the flower. If I can suggest something to improve this would be to use a more open wide f stop when you are in front of a subject with such a busy background. This will help blur the background and no make it so prominent. Also you can bring a piece of white cardboard and place behind to isolate totally from the other flowers, it will end in a totally different image but it will make your flower stand up.   Posted: 08/11/2022 19:59:12


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