Dee Sams  

Bee on Flower by Dee Sams

October 2021 - Bee on Flower

About the Image(s)

I visited this community flower bed in hopes of photographing Monarch butterflies which were migrating through on the day. I didn’t see one butterfly, but was greed by several bees gathering pollen. Although I had my tripod set up I shot the image handled because of bee’s fast and varied movements.

Shot using my Fuji XT-4 crop sensor mirrorless camera which gives me a 1.5 crop factor using a 70-300 mm lens (with the crop factor I achieve a maximum of 450 mm).
Here I shot at the maximum 450 mm, using f/8.0 (because I used the long lens I tried to get as much depth of field as possible), 1/1000 sec (to stop the action) and ISO 1000 as it was a cloudy day

I made minor edits in ACR and sharpened using Topaz DeNoise


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