Michael Ross  

Cicada by Michael Ross

June 2021 - Cicada

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I have always been fascinated by the extraordinary intricacy in some of our smaller creatures. Ultra closeup imaging allowed me to see details that simply could not be seen in any other way. This cicada was approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) long and about 3/8 inches (1 cm) across his face.

The image is a stacking of approximately 40 images taken with a 1-5X macro at approximately 2X life size on sensor, using flash/tripod. The individual images were then stacked using Zerene Stacker. The process allowed me to achieve a DOF from behind the eyes through to include the anterior projections of antennae and beginning of first pair of legs.

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Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
(Groups 64 & 95)
Great shot, Michael! I guess you're using the MPE lens, it's a tour de force. Looks like Darth Vader of the insect world!

I think your range of sharp focus was well chosen, although maybe a little more to get the second joint of the front legs?   Posted: 06/10/2021 15:24:27

Michael Ross
Thanks Stuart, Yes, MPE lens (I love it) - am still working on optimizing technique, etc. Agree with your comment re extending DOF (20/20 hindsight...), Michael   Posted: 06/10/2021 15:42:08

Lynne Hollingsworth   Lynne Hollingsworth
Michael - I'm impressed with your image this month, although my fascination with tiny things don't extend to this….butterflies are my big bug adventure. The little brown hairs on its face are nice and sharp as are the front of the legs and the ?nose? I agree with increasing the DOF to capture the back of the legs, but hindsight can become quite a nag. Nice image.   Posted: 06/18/2021 14:08:18


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