Gary Hook

Gary Hook

Gary R Hook is a photographer that makes his home just outside of Austin, in central Texas. His exploration in photography began in 2012, with an emphasis on portraiture and stage work. Over time, interests have expanded to include a variety of techniques and subjects, with a mindset that endeavors to find the art in everything.

A classically trained musician most of his life, Gary has also enjoyed a career as a software developer. These two disciplines combine both the technical and the creative; it was not surprising, then, that a casual interest in photography would become a passion. He finds the world a visually interesting place, and believes that beauty awaits discovery in the most unlikely of places. It is this perspective that drives him to explore and to capture.

"I've learned that making compelling images is about emotional connection, no matter the subject. Technical skills can be acquired, but passion and vision come from within; they need to be unleashed, and encouraged, and allowed the freedom to just be."

Embracing the art and craft of image making, Gary is a founder of Round Rock Image Creators, a meet-up based in Round Rock, Texas, that focuses on the aesthetics, art, and craft of photography.

You can see my work on: Gary R Hook Photographer