John Meiers  

Burned Apartments!  by John Meiers

May 2022 - Burned Apartments!

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ISO 200 @ 78mm (Nikon 28-300mm lens, 1/640 shutter @ f/5.6, Aperture priority

Taken a couple of years ago at mid-morning the night after in Minot ND. Across the street from the church that I attend.
Was a low income apartment building.

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Damon Williams   Damon Williams
Interesting shot John. I think this would fit well in PSA's Photojournalism Interclub division. I think the decision to treat this in BnW was a good one, because it really makes the most of the textures of both brick wall, and icicles. Focus works pretty well, but does drop off from right to left some to my eye. I think the composition is the strongest part of this frankly. The multiple vertical and horizontal lines create quite a bit of interest, and the diagonals of the stairs play well on that canvas for me.

Is this cropped, or have you tried cropping it? I'd love to get that tree (in the upper left) out of the frame, which to me just doesn't fit. Frankly, I think you could crop down 20% and in from the left 20% which would get rid of everything that I think doesn't fit the image's themes. Besides that, I think I might add a little contrast, or dehaze, or clarity, or whatever, because the image seems just a little flat to me.

This is a great example of being able to see potential images. Good on you John.   Posted: 05/13/2022 00:02:01


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