Dianne Arrigoni  

Yellowstone N P by Dianne Arrigoni

November 2021 - Yellowstone N P

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1/640 sec at f/8
29mm on 17-40mm zoom lens
Canon 5D

Yellowstone in winter. Nothing like it. It was a tough decision about whether to include an overall area encompassing picture or just the amazing thermal pool. In the end I liked the whole thing.

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Damon Williams   Damon Williams
Hey Dianne, I'd love to hear your overall thoughts on winter in Yellowstone. I think I'd much rather see it then than in summer, if for no other reason than to avoid the crowds...but there are other reasons.

Anyway, I think this is a pretty strong image. Focus and sharpness are cherry IMHO. Colors appear natural and true to me. And speaking of colors, I have to give you kudos on the white balance, which is made tricky by the snow (although maybe ther's not enough of it to matter). Exposure seems to be about as good as it gets to me, with lots of tonality and texture, despite having to worry about snow, and lighting from a less than perfect angle (and you succeededi n capturing the mist).

I think this is competition worthy really. I do however wish there were a little stronger foreground interest (Is the pool the foreground?) and a more prominent and singular background interest. But hey, if those things were available, I'm sure you would've included them. Regardless, I think it's well-conceived and executed.   Posted: 11/22/2021 23:12:49
Dianne Arrigoni   Dianne Arrigoni
thank you! Yellowstone is incredible in the winter and I would return in a heartbeat. I no longer have any interest in the summer. There are so few people and the cold and snow make it so peaceful. And the animals....   Posted: 11/26/2021 19:44:35

Jane Pittenger   Jane Pittenger
I lOVED our trip to Yellowstone in the winter and this brings back wonderful memories. Thank you. I am so glad you included the whole scene giving the thermal pool as sense of place. Beautiful light, color, handling of exposure. My only suggestions are really picky. I would crop a bit off the bottom ( about 1/2 the distance from bottom of photo to bottom of thermal pool) since it doesn't really offer anything and somehow with it cropped it seems more grounded. And I would clone out the tiny bit of snow on left center edge cause it takes the eye out of the frame   Posted: 11/25/2021 12:05:30
Dianne Arrigoni   Dianne Arrigoni
Thanks Jane I will try your suggestions. Yes, Yellowstone in winter was on of mu favorite trips.   Posted: 11/26/2021 19:46:43
Damon Williams   Damon Williams
What do you mean by "grounded" Jane?   Posted: 11/26/2021 21:33:09
Jane Pittenger   Jane Pittenger
As if it has a sense of having a foundation   Posted: 11/27/2021 10:22:37

John Meiers   John Meiers
Nice shot. Agree that small clump of snow attracts the eye more than it should. Other than that great shot. Think there could be several versions of this photo depending on how it is cropped. All of them very good.   Posted: 11/28/2021 21:19:56