Damon Williams  

Ikebana XX by Damon Williams

October 2021 - Ikebana XX

About the Image(s)

Fuji X-T3
80mm prime
ISO 160
A little bit of exposure stuff, and some presence editing. Lots of spot removal, which is what you get using a macro lens.

This is another in my Ikebana series, that I'm doing to document my wife's work. This was illuminated with a couple of flat panel LED continuous lights, but to me the big step here, and the reason I'm showing it, is that I used some backlighting. I shot a blue light (with an Ikea LED desk lamp I got at the good will for $6, and then cut a modifier out of some EVA foam) onto my black background (another one of my favorite mini-studio tools, a piece of black marine vinyl), to get that well-saturated gradient behind the arrangement. I specifically used blue to complement the yellow flower. I didn't invent the idea of illuminating a grey or black background to get that look, but I do like it.


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